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A busy few weeks

Well what a busy few weeks we have had at rescue but it's been a good busy. We have rehomed most of the dogs that were in our care including some of the ones needing special homes ( Mack and Charlie ) This takes up a lot of our time as we need to vet homes as well as be there when people meet the dogs. This is on top of the day to day stuff like vet runs, walking and taking them to the groomers as well as working and spending time with our own dogs. We have also been busy fundraising with events at Everingham Hall, Dogs Unleashed and Harley Gala.

We would like to thank our loyal dog walking volunteers for helping us out at this busy time as well as the fantastic staff at the kennels we use. A final thanks to everyone who enquires about a dog, adopts one, attends an event and donates because we really do rely on you.

We do have some more dogs on the horizon to come in so there is definitely no time to relax.

Picture shows the lovely Deon and Tylor going off to their new home with SYESSR dog Deeno.

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