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Giving up your dog for adoption

It is difficult decision deciding to give up your dog, which in most cases is like a member of the family.Handing him/her over to a rescue means that you can be secure in the knowledge that all their needs will be taken into account before they are placed in a new home and that ongoing support will be provided to the new family to ensure that he/she settles in well.Please have a look at our rescue policy to find out what sort of things we will be looking for in a prospective home.

We will help wherever we possibly can either by taking the dog in ourselves, or if you live out of the area or the dog is a different type of spaniel we may recommend a more appropriate rescue.Should we recommend an alternative rescue and they cannot help then please come back to us and we will help if we can.We are a small rescue and all of us are volunteers who have our own dogs, we do this because we love the breed and will always do our very best to help.

You can make initial contact via email to but please be aware that will need to speak to you before agreeing to take him/her.If weare able to help you with your dog we will need you to complete and sign a relinquishment form (see below).It is very important that you are truthful when completing this form and that you give as much information as you can, both good and bad.This is the only way to ensure that we can find the right home for your dog and enable him/her to settle in quickly, if you do not tell us everything the likelihood is that he/she will not settle and will end up back in rescue.

If you prefer you can complete the form and return it to us via email and we will then ring you to discuss further (please include landline number) and ask for any additional information we may require.

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