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At SYESSR we don't only help the good boys and girls and this occasionally results in us finding ourselves with permanent residents. Buddy & Mutley are both boys with a history and are likely to be with us for the rest of their lives and because of this we like to give them extra treats whenever we can.

Today was a very rare day indeed, more than one of our trustees were off work on the same day, we had no dogs needing to go to the vets, no fundraising events to attend and the least number of dogs in kennels that we have had for a very long time. So, despite it also being the day that the weather decided to go from summer to winter we took Buddy & Mutley to the seaside (with our own dogs too).

A wonderful time was had by all (except maybe from the humans who were soaked to skin), the dogs participated in plenty of running, splashing and ball chasing. Plus both dogs and humans alike enjoyed the refreshments in the very nice and very dog friendly cafe. We think the cafe (well the cake) was Buddy's favorite part of the day and love the picture of him sharing with Andy.

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