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At Long Last Sparky Has A New Home

For some unfathomable reason some dogs seem to stick in rescue for a long time, Sparky was one of them. He is sweet natured, friendly with people and dogs alike and although needed a little training in all aspects had no real issues. Despite this no one seemed to be interested in him and the few people that came to meet him but always went away with another dog, leaving Sparky with us.

He had been in kennels for months (he was in another rescue prior to coming to us) and we really wanted to get him a home environment so enlisted the help of the wonderful people at the Dog Adventure Centre in Lincolnshire ( They took him in to their home and hearts while working on his training and today everyone got the perfect result when gorgeous gorgeous Sparky went to start his new life.

He has a new doggie friend and two human children to play with so he should have lots of fun. We will all miss his gentle happy face but have had huge smiles on our faces all day. Enjoy your new home Sparky you deserve it.

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