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The lovely Buttons and Mouse had their surgery for cleft palates on Tuesday. The surgeon and nurses at Calder Vets at Dewsbury did a fabulous job both during the operation and after, from what we understand the boys were a hit and received lots of cuddles from the staff there. Both operations went well, infact Mouse's went better than expected which resulted in a shorter operation and less coss (great news for both Mouse and the rescues finances). They had to stay in overnight following the opeations but were back home last night causing mayhem as usual, we think their foster mum/dad are going to have lots of fun keeping them calm for the next couple of weeks!

Now all we need to do is raise the funds to pay for it. We are doing reasonably well on that front, the original quote of £5000 was initially reduced by £400 because we are a registered charity and then a further £470 because Mouse's operation was not as complex as first expected so the final bill is £4,130.

UPDATE 15/05/2017 23:00 The boys had their first post op check today and the vet is really pleased with them, both healing well with no sign of infection. We are also amazed that we have already raised enough to cover half the costs, so only £2,005.50 still to raise. Please please help if you can, it doesn't have to be much at all, even a £1 a person would soon ad.d up to enough to pay the bill

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