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The gorgeous Buttons and Mouse came into rescue as their previous owner could no longer care for them. They were both born with cleft palates which can give them problems when eating/drinking and can cause other health issues as food etc can quite easily end up in their lungs. We took them to see a specialist veterinary surgeon who is confident he can carry out soft palate surgery which will repair their clefts and enable to life a full and happy life.

As a charity we are not always very good at asking for financial help but in this instance we really do need a little extra support as even with a discount for being a charity the cost is £2500 for each operation. This is a very expensive undertaking for our rescue but they are only youngsters (Buttons is under a year old and Mouse not yet two) and we think they deserve the best life we can give them and this surgery will give them that.

They are booked in to have the surgery on Tuesday 9th May so we need to raise the funds as soon as possible if you could help by donating even a £1 it will be a great help as all the £1's will add up and hopefully we can meet our target of £5000 before payment is needed.

UPDATE 13/05/2017 22:00 UPDATE 15/05/2017 23:00 The boys had their first post op check today and the vet is really pleased with them, both healing well with no sign of infection. We are also amazed that we have already raised enough to cover half the costs, so only £2,005.50 still to raise. Please please help if you can, it doesn't have to be much at all, even a £1 a person would soon ad.d up to enough to pay the bill

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