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Toby is another boy who needs a home that understands complex behaviour and resource guarding in particular.  Although loveable and happy most of the time he likes his own way and has issues with guarding both items and places. He has bitten on more than one occasion and despite seeking behaviour support his family decided that they could no longer cope. 

Toby has been rehomed once whilst with us and sadly was returned due to this aggression, which seem to be around guarding stolen items, being put into a separate room and having his lead put on (none of these seem to be an issue in kennels).  For this reason we do think Toby would benefit from having his own space in a home (at least intially) so that he does not get the opportunity to either steal items or guard places.

He is a delight to take for a walk as he doesnt go far and has good recall but he is strong on the lead. He is good out and about with other dogs but we feel he would need to be an only dog in the home as he does like all attention to be on him. 

He needs an experienced home where his issues can be worked on with the support of a behaviourist (using positive methods only).  Like many stubborn older doggies Toby does not like to be told no and this is often when issues can arise, bribery or misdirection works far better than force where he is concerned.  He is very well behaved at both the groomers and the vets even though he doesn't like it.

We would not place Toby in a home with children

If you think you could be the right forever home for Toby please complete one of our application forms. 

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