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REHOMED - the lovely tasha will now be staying with her fosters 

Tasha came to us via the stray kennels so we have no real knowledge about her history but doubt it can be good.

Our vet estimates she is around 12 months old and that she has probably had a litter of puppies (poor girl).

She is microchipped but this is a foreign chip and has never been registered in the UK, how or when she was imported into the UK is not known.   Because of her foreign microchip our vet ran blood tests to check for Leish which is a treatable illness caused by sandflies, her results came back borderline (7 and under is negative and hers was 7.8) so it is recommend that this test is repeated in 2/3 months time (we can of course cover the cost of this).  Another risk to overseas dogs is heartworm, again this is treatable it just means she must have an appropriate worming tablet every month for 6 months and then a test to check she is clear (again this is something we can cover the cost for).

Tasha is currently in a foster home in Mablethorpe and anyone interested in giving her a home must be willing to travel there to meet her.  She has only been in her foster home a short while but is settling in well.  Although Tasha appears to be used to all the noise and equiptment etc in a home she does not ask to go out to toilet so this will need work.  She sleeps in a crate at night (with Tarka) and is quiet throughout even if her foster owners have to get up for any reason.  She is learning to come to the whistle and will follow the other dogs but has obviously not been used to lead walking and at this stage has not been off lead anywhere unsecure.  She is quite a shy young girl who although good with other dogs is initially a little nervous of them, we think she would benefit from living with a confident but gentle dog that can show her how to behave.  

She is not yet fully vaccinated (this is ongoing) and as she is a stray we do not know whether or not she is neutered, however it is highly likely that she is not.  Any new owner would need to ensure that Tarka did not get pregnant if she comes into season and that she was neutered a couple of months after this.  

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