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The lovely Oscar was bought by his family as a Cocker Spaniel but he doesn't really look like one, a DNA test gave his results as 75% spaniel and 25% terrier mix.  Don't be fooled by his DOB he is an very lively boy and nowhere near ready for retirement yet.  He is an absolute delight.  He originally came into rescue as he was fighting with the families other dog and with a young child in the house it was difficult to keep them apart.  He is a little scared of other dogs when out and about and will bark when meeting them if he is on the lead, however once introduced to them seems to be absolutely fine and is happily walking and living with our other dogs.    He is reasonably nice to walk on a lead (doesn't pull too much) and is good off lead, he enjoys a run around but comes back when called. He is an absolute delight.  The only issue when walking is that he can be quite vocal when meeting new dogs when on the lead and will bark (no aggression just noise).  

He did go to a new home for a few months but unfortuately despite work he could not learn to get along with the resident cats so he will need a home without other animals (other than maybe a calm dog).  They also found a slightly odd issue with separation anxiety, during the daytime he could happily be left for periods of time however at night time he became very agitated about being left and as soon as the nighttime rituals started (curtains drawn, lights off etc) he started to become very anxious.  We are not sure if this was to do with the cats (they slept upstairs where he was not allowed) but just in case we will be looking for a home that if necessary will allow him to sleep upstairs, although hopefully this will not be necessary.

Oscar could do with a little help in learning not to bark when he sees other dogs when he is on the lead, in general he is a bit of a stressy dog but is also extremely loving and loyal.  Hopefully there is someone out their that can give him the home he deserves.

He originally came from a home with a small child and was very good with her, however given his slight issues with other dogs we would recommend him with older children only.

If you think you could be the right forever home for Oscar please complete one of our application forms. 

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