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Milo is a very complex boy, he is another boy who came to us after having been passed from home to home (at least 6 that we are aware of).  

He is a lively cocker who although can walk nicely on a lead, if you give him an inch he will take a mile and will pull like a train given the opportunity.  He has a high chase instinct and will try to chase traffic and/or trains if given the slightest opportunity (although this is improving all the time), he is very reactive and barks at traffic when either walking near it or travelling in a vehicle, this will definitely need work and may take time to rectify (although travelling in the van where he can't see out he travels quietly).   We are told he has guarding issues in the home and will guard both items and space, although this is not a behaviour he exhibits in kennels.

Yes we know all this sounds like the last dog you would want but there is another side to him, he is a very happy loving boy who loves cuddles, his walks and is is very good off lead (as long as no traffic or ducks around), he enjoys playing ball and is very good with other dogs, he currently shares a kennel/conservatory with a number of other dogs without issue.

This gorgeous boy really needs a break but it will need to be in a child free home with experienced people, we can provide the assistant of a dog behaviourist to help him settle in.

If you think you could be the right forever home for Milo please complete one of our application forms. 

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