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10 years






Mia is a returning girl, we rehomed her a few years ago but now unfortuantly her new owners health and fitness means means he was no longer able to give her the care she needs and so she sadly had to come back to us.  She is a very loving girl who is used to having someone with her all of the time so will be looking for a home where she doesn't have to be left very often, she may also need to re-learn being left as it is a long time since she has.  She is mixing very well with our other dogs on walks and is sharing a conservatory with two others, however she is a bit of a grump and will growl if they knock into her or get in her way (but has not escalated beyond a growl).  She could go to a home with or without other dogs but any other dog would need to be of a temperament that would not react if he/she recived an occasional growl.  We also  know that she looks a bit like a Staffie cross at the moment but she was a very slight girl when we re,homed her, not enough exercise and too much human food has resulted in this more rounded version.  She will need to get this weight off with a mixture of diet and exercise.   She is a lovely girl and really deserves a forever home.

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