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Leo is a gorgeous looking boy  who has had a rough start in life and as a result he has a number of behaviour issues. Leo is a bit of an all round grump and we do struggle with many aspects of his care.  His bad start in life has left him un-trusting of humans, especially men and he does take time to get to know people, he needs to be ingnored until he makes the first move.  He does show aggression in certain circumstances (and has bitten) including visiting the vets or being groomed. 

Leo can tolerate other dogs but he is grumpy so we feel he meeds to be an only dog  Given the aggression he has shown in some circumstances we will not place Leo in a home with children.  We can provide the assistance of a dog behaviourist to help with settling him in to his new home.

He walsk well on a lead and is good off it but he is very slow, preferring to snif than run about

We are looking for a very experienced child free and dog free home where his behavioural issues can be worked on

If you think you could be the right forever home for Leo please complete one of our application forms. 

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