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D.O.B : 

3 Years Old






JASPER is a large strong Springer who had had little or no training when he came to us, we know very little about his past as he came to us from a thrid party but were told he spent the majority of his life in a crate.  

He will  need to be introduced to new things slowly as it's likely he hasnt experienced many things in his life and more than likely missed out on early socialisation.  For example he is very scared in the vets surgery and the visits have been difficult, especially since even getting a muzzle on him is a struggle.   

He  is keen to learn new skills and is very motivated by food so basic training should be relatively easy.  Whilst in kennels our volunteers have been working on basic training and his recall is progressing well and he's very good off lead and doesn't react to people/dogs we meet when out walking.  He is very strong on the lead so extra training is needed here . 

Jasper is good with other dogs and is non confrontational even when they are being very pushy with him. He is sharing a kennel with another dog and they are good pals so he could live with another dog. 

He was briefly rehomed by us but returned to us as she displayed gaurding behaviours which resulted in a bite. At the time he had access to the bed and was unwilling to share

He needs an experienced home where this can be worked on with the support of a behaviourist (using positive methods only).  Initially (at least) while his issues are being worked on he would be better with his own space rather than the run of the house so he does not get the opportunity to begin to guard things.

We have also noticed that Jasper is very aroused around food and this can lead to aggression (with both people and dogs) so careful management around food is needed and if he were to live with another dog they would need to be fed separately.

Due to Jaspers issues we would not place him in a home with children.

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