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We are looking for a very very special home for Jack, Poor Jack was born both deaf and blind so for him life is quite different.  He found himself in a rescue after his owners circumstances changed and from there was rehomed into a home with multiple dogs (very multiple), unfortunalty although he is good with dogs on a one to one basis the number of dogs in the house is too much for him and it is not right for him or the other dogs in the house (as a number of them are having to be kept separate).  As moving Jack from one place to another is stressful for him he will be staying where he is until a quieter home can be found for him, he is currently near to Mablethorpe and any meetings would need to take place there.

If we are honest a deaf blind puppy is not something we have any experience of but we can imagine it is not going to be an easy task to take him on but it also sounds like he is a very loveable chap who will make the work rewarding.  We will of course provide any support we can along with contacts for people from blind/deaf dog networks who will be able to provide advice and information too.  We are also in the process of getting hime specialist vet checks to ensure we have all the necessary information about his condition.

His current carers say his sense of smell is incredible and he can follow their scent around they house and garden, if he gets losts he barks to tell them to come and find him.  They say he is quick to learn and a very playful, loving puppy who likes to be outdoors but loves cuddles on the sofa too, he is housetrained and loves his snuffle and licky mats.  They think the perfect home for Jack would be a quiet home with someone who is around most of the time.  A home that has one or two maybe calm bitches who could help give him confidence and help him adjust to his new life, he is still a playful pup too though so any other dog would need to be tolerant too.  In order to give him the best chance we would be looking for a home without children, not becasue we think he wouldn't be good with them but because it is one less thing for him to worry about.   A reasonable sized garden on one level would also make life much easier for him.  

You may have experience of a dog that has lost its hearing/eyesight due to age, this will be a completely different experience.  At just 10 month old Jack is a very lively boy with all the usual fun and games that come with a Spaniel puppy, he will need training in all areas of life all of which will be made more difficult by the fact that he can't see or hear you.   Jack does need a new home but it needs to be the right home, he has had three changes so far (4 if you include the breeders) so the next move really needs to be his last.  If after careful consideration you do feel that you could give him the home he needs please start the process by completing one of our application forms.

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