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Ivy is a young and very lively working bred springer.  She can be nervous when meeting new people and isnt used to people coming to the home. She barks through anxiety but this is getting better and she is very food motivated so we feel this can be overcome.  We are looking for a quieter home without young children. Ivy has lived with other dogs but part of the reason she came in was that she didnt get on with some of them. She may be jealous of sharing affection and this would need to be worked on. 

Ivy needs a very secure garden as she can escape  and work will be needed on lead walking and recall. Her recall is reasonabe but of distracted by scent or wildlife she doesnt return

Ideally Ivy needs a job to do to work her mind as well as her body as she can always be on the go.  Positive reward based gun dog training would be ideal or agility. If she isnt occupied she will become self employed.

Ivy has been in foster home for a short period and she was clean in the house and not destructive. She is used to sleeping in a cage. 

She has real potential to be a wonderful dog but this will take time and patience.

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