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D.O.B : 

sept 2021






The lovely Frankie came to us after her elderly owners were struggling to cope with her behaviour. 

She had started to guard items in the home and growl and snap.

Since coming to us Frankie has been in a foster home with a qualifed dog trainer and she is doing brilliantly. 

She is great with other dogs in the home. Out and about she has seen dogs at a distance and hasnt wanted to rush over to them. In the house she is very chilled out. She loves to play ball and tuggy and has good recall. She can sit and do a little stay and has been learning to walk nicely on a lead. 

She can be initially shy when meeting new people but soon comes out of her shell. She has met older children 12+ .

Frankie's issue are that she can guard things that she has found ( such as socks ) and even though she hasnt shown any aggression she is uncomfortable and the wrong approach  could cause the aggression to re-surface. She can also grab things like clothes and this again requires a calm and gentle approach, no raised voices as this makes her worried. 

She has also shown some anxiety around going out of the house and in the car and she can go and hide behind sofas. Again this requires a gentle and calm approach and has improved greatly whilst in her foster home. 

She has the potential to bark a lot but this is improving. Progress is being made here  by the use of her name and taking her to where her favourite treats are stored. She loves cocktail sausage and chicken roll.

We are looking for a home where the great work started in her foster home will be continued.  She is a young energetic dog that will get bored easily so she needs someone who can provide the right level of physical and mental stimulation. We think she would like the company of another dog as she really enjoys their company and running around of walks with them.

Due to Frankie's past gaurding issues we are looking for a home without young children. We will consider children 13+.

Frankie' s trainer and foster carer is happy to speak to any potential owner and offer advice and support. 

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