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D.O.B : 

3 Years Old






EDDY has had 2 homes already before coming to rescue. For Eddy neither homes were suitable and so he finds himself in rescue with some behaviours that need ironing out.  

Eddy can appear to be quite reactive to other dogs initially when on the lead.  This appears to be a mix of excitement/anxiety but it does mean he tries to run at them barking in their face and this can easily escalate so will need careful management.   Off lead he just wants to play, sometimes this gets him into trouble as not all other dogs like this.

In general outside Eddy seems to over aroused by fast moving things and  is also reactive to larger vehicles passing (lorries/buses etc).  He pulls a little on the lead and although good off lead most of the time if he does see a dog he dashes over to say hello and is reluctant to come back immmediatley.

In the home Eddy finds it very hard to relax and is constantly on the go, this leads him to him getting himself in to trouble either by manically running around or by stealing items which he then guards,  At the moment it feels like we type the same sentences time and time again but here goes, he has bitten both when guarding stolen items and when being asked to do something he doesn't want to do.  He needs an experienced home where this can be worked on with the support of a behaviourist (using positive methods only).  Initially (at least) while his issues are being worked on he would be better with his own space rather than the run of the house so he does not get the opportunity to begin to guard things.  

Eddy could be homed with another dog and does share a kennel with Jasper, however he is very full on and would play 24/7 if the other dog would allow it so I think a few meetings would be needed to determine whether he would be too much for a dog already in the home.

Because of his issues we would not place Eddy in a home with children.

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