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D.O.B : 

6 years






Sadly this isnt Chestnut's first time with us and he has recently been returned to us after 5 years in a home We are very sad about this as we find Chestnut to be a very lovely boy who gives us no trouble at all. He is relaxed in kennels, good with all the kennel staff, a joy to walk and great with the other dogs. 

Chestnut lived happily with another dog and has shown us that he is happy to be around other dogs, although he is a little wary and very respectful to them. We are told that recently the family had started to have visiting dogs and that this had started to affect Chestnut's behaviour to the point that he had bitten one of his owners  twice.  We are always open and honest about a dogs history so we like to relay anything that we have been told.

We are also told that he can get growly in the evenings but that he did that throughout his five years with them and it never escalated, and also that he occasional would guard stolen items but again he hasn't guarded anything whilst being with us.  

Chestnut has been fully checked by a vet and there are no medical reasons for a sudden change in behaviour so it seems to be all associated with the change in circumsances at his home.  Hopefully if he gets back into a less busy home he will return to his normal friendly self.

He is great to walk, good off lead, happy to play. 

It may be that once in a home he could start to display some of the behaviours we were told about and as such we are looking for a quieter home with a good routine, no children or visiting children. 

If you think you could be the right forever home for Chestnut please complete one of our application forms. 

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