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Hunter & Chase came into rescue with Bertie after their owners separation.  They are a delightful pair but have quite a unique issue, they have never been on a lead!  We are working on it and it may not sound to be an issue but it does make walking them quite difficult as they go from pulling, laying down, going between your legs or circlling you they are getting better and it is something that will continue to improve but it will iniitally take work.  Off lead they have reasonably good recall but do go out of site, they were working dogs, working on vast estates iin Scotland so have just been used to miles of countryside.

They are brothers and have been together since birth so ideally we will be looking for a home where they can stay together.  Chase is ball obsessed and will play all day if you let him, Hunter less so but he does like to play with Chase and is the more loving of the two once he gets to know you.  Hunter will occasionally chase lights if given the chance but not so much that it is an issue.  They are both good with other dogs and children.

Both do need neutering and vaccinating but this is ongoing and will be done shortly.

If you think you could be the right forever home for this pair please complete one of our application forms. 

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