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Like many of our recent incoming dogs Bonnie came to us through the stray kennels.  She was picked up straying and sadly no-one came to claim her.   Obviously with her being a stray we have no knowledge of her past, how she lived, or where she came from.  

She is a lively spaniel who seems to be friendly with people and is friendly with other dogs except where food or toys are concerned so out and about she is good with other dogs but we feel she would be better homed as an only dog.  It is hard to be sure but we think she has probably been an outside dog so could initially need a little time to get used to living in a house.  She is quite strong on a lead and off lead she is a typical working spaniel, off out of sight, here there and everywhere running into every scrap of undergrowth.  She does come back but not immediatley and she travels a fair distance so could only be let off lead where she was a safe distance away from roads etc.  She does like being given a job, finding a dummy/ball etc and does stay much closer if you are doing this with her.  

She is not yet fully vaccinated (this is ongoing) and as she is a stray we do not know whether or not she is neutered, however it is likely that she is not.  Any new owner would need to ensure that Bonnie did not get pregnant if she comes into season and that she was neutered a couple of months after this.  

Bonnie seems to have a lovely nature and has not shown any sign of aggression with people so could probably go to a home with children with the right introduction.  However she is not a walk to school and back type of dog, she will need plenty of wild, off road exercise to keep her entertained.

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