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D.O.B : 

2021 ?






Bob was picked up as a stray in same area as two almost identical dogs so it is likely all three came from the same place.  As he is a stray we have no information regards to his past or his breed, age etc, other than that stray kennels listed him as a Springer x Pointer.

He is a young boy maybe 2 ish and is bigger than a springer with long legs (picture Dalmation or small Pointer size).  He has  a lovely soft nature and has been good with all people and dogs he has met whilst in our care.  He doesn't however appear to have had any training so will need work in all areas (inc house training).  Although bigger than a average Springer he doesn't pull on the lead quite as much as some (but does still pull) We have walked him on a canny collar and he doesnt pull when wearing.  Unsuprisingly given the breeds we think he is, he is very interested in wildlife and so will need work on his recall before enjoying off lead fun.

Bob is an energetic and playful boy and does like to play ball, he hasn't quite got the concept of bringing it back everytime so two balls can sometimes be needed to keep the game going.  He is a lovely gentle boy and both these boys have the nicest natures, they really are a very loveable pair.


Bob could probably go in a home with or without another dog or even as a pair with his brother Ben (but would need time given to one to one training) and his nature is such that with the right introduction could go to a home with older children who are used to pets (and who are robust enough to not mind getting knocked over a time or two).   We will be looking for a cat free home.  

If you think you could be the right forever home for Bob please complete one of our application forms. 

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