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D.O.B : 

2-4 years


Cocker Spaniels




Tricia and Annie came to us after being found straying locally and not claimed so they came to us.

The poor girls have clearly suffered from neglect for a number of months/years.  Tricia was in such a state from matted fur that she needed clipping straight away, Annie had an ear iinfection and were both crawling with fleas and full of worms.  All these have now been sorted but there are still a number of veterinary procedures that need completing and as recovery from operations is not ideal in a kennel environment we are hoping that these can be carried out in their new home (we will pay for them of course).  They both need vaccinations, spaying, some teeth removing plus the rest cleaning and Tricia also has a lump that needs removing.  

The vet has estimated their age to be 2/3 for Tricia and 3/4 for Annie.  Obviously as strays we have no history on them so have no idea if they have had any training, whether they have been in a house etc etc.  However they are the nicest natured pair and are delightful with people and dogs alike.

If you think you could be the right forever home for Leo please complete one of our application forms. 

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