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Oct 22






What an absolute stunner Alfie is!  He is a lovely boy who finds himself in rescue due a change in his owners circumstances. Like most young springers he is very strong on the lead and this will need some work.

He is quite vocal when he sees another dog out and about and because of this his previous  owner hadnt felt confident to let him off the lead. After being with us a few days we can see that Alfie is very unsure what to do with other dogs and is quite nervous of them. He has started to enjoy walking with some of the other dogs so we feel with training and socialisation he will enjoy the company of other dogs.

He is used to children from 7 years upward.

Alfie does have a retained testical and for health reasons he will need castrating before he is 2. Our vet has advised us to wait until he is in a home and little more settled. This will form part of the adoption contract

We are looking for a home that can show us they are committed to ongoing training on his lead work, recall and socialisation

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