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DOB: 13/10/2004
Vaccinated: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Neutered: Yes

Can he be homed with other dogs: Maybe a calm older girlie
Can he/she be homed with Children: Older Children

Poor Ollie is a curmudgeonly old boy who has found himself in rescue for a second time through no fault of his own  as  his owner is seriously ill and can no longer care for him.


Ollie is not at all happy in kennels and is totally confused that he is no longer in the home where he was loved and happy.

In his owners words he is a grumpy old man but it is all noise and he really is a loveable old rogue. Hopefully someone out there loves grumpy old dogs as he came with quite a list of things he doesn’t like (poor lad), he doesn’t like the vets or grooming (muzzle recommended), he doesn’t like little barky dogs or dogs that pester him (although we have walked him with other spaniels and he has been fine), he doesn’t like the car much, he doesn’t like people putting their face close to his and they don’t know if something happened in his past but he really really does not like garden tools (large spades/forks etc. He will have a good bark and grump at all of the above.

There are lots of things he does like though, like being centre of attention, snoozing at the side of the chair next to someone who loves him, being stroked, steady walks (although still quite strong on a lead), he loves doggie choc drops, his bedtime biscuit, his morning bit of toast and most of all marmite (saved for special treats or giving tablets). Also although he doesn’t play with toys he does like a cuddly toy to carry.

We are quite partial to grumpy old dogs so we all love him to bits, although strong on the lead, he is good off lead, is fine with dogs that leave him alone, his head obviously thinks he is still a puppy as he trys to run like one but his body is no longer quite up to the job, which makes us a little sad.
Poor Ollie really needs to find someone who can keep him in the comfort he deserves for as many years as he has left. He is quite a healthy boy apart from the old dog lumps, bumps and warts so hopefully he will be around for a few years yet, especially if he could lose just a little bit of weight so there is less pressure on his joints.

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